Yale partially lifts indoor mask mandate

March 10, 2022

Breaking news on the lifting of the campus-wide mask mandate. Joaquín comments:

“Joaquín Lara Midkiff ’24, former president of Disability Empowerment for Yale, told the News that he accepts the change, but sees a need for an “administrative reckoning” with the fact that the Yale community has immunocompromised students who have to live with the repercussions of the administration’s actions. 

Lara Midkiff said he hoped the positive changes brought by COVID-19 like hybrid learning and virtual office hours would stay but would like to see more institutionalized resources for students with disabilities. 

“The University has to be more intelligent now, more deliberate, more empathetic, in how they will accommodate immunocompromised or disabled students as we begin to navigate this new reality that has been imposed upon us,” Lara Midkiff said.”

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